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New Chemical Lab Unveiled

Snowco has announced the completion of a new laboratory in Qingshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park.

Snowco focuses on biological fermentation, high purity, chiral synthesis, and separation technology. This laboratory will better help us complete our research and development tasks. It also serves as an independent quality control laboratory to serve our strict quality control needs. 

This lab includes equipped countertops, fume hoods, and a modern centerpiece lab bench for the preparation and storage of samples, reagents, and accessories. Space allocation is given to key pieces of equipment—including the FT-IR, refracto­meter, GC-FID, polarimeter, density meter, and melting point apparatuses. The lab also includes a dedicated space for its GCMS, which is used to identify and quantify organic impurities. A specialized retain sample storage ensemble also allows for systematic slot storage of samples for retaining, investigative, and stability or shelf-life monitoring purposes.

“Our new lab gives us the capability to expand our operations and offer the best service possible to our clients, not only the perfect and advanced product but also the highest quality," said Chen Lang, manager director of Snowco Hangzhou Biotechnology. It is our goal to always provide our customers with outstanding quality and service, and our new lab helps us to continue that mission here at Snowco


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